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With their newest installation in Vienna, a self supporting inhabitable social sculpture, they are back and at it again!

Creating some of the most interesting large-scale site-specific projects internationally is Numen/For Use. In all, it is a design collective hailing from Croatia and working in the fields of scenography, industrial and spatial design and conceptual art.

The group first formed in 1998 as a collaborative effort of industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković under the banner For Use. Since then, over many projects, exhibitions, and awards, it has evolved into a global force challenging people through objects and concepts without a predefined function. Some of my personal favourite exhibitions…

String Prototype

Vienna 2014

As described on thei website, “The installation is based on production system of large geometric inflated objects. Since the physical behavior of fluids tend to make all inflates spherical, thin parallel ropes are tied on opposite sides of the volume, keeping them parallel to one another. Filigree interiors of this technically invented system are never exposed to public.”

N-Light Membrane

Rizzordi Art Foundation, Expression Beyond / 2011, St. Petersburg, Russia

My personal favourite project of theirs, it makes one feel like a small child playing with mirror passages. Three out of six surfaces of the cube are made of flexible membrane (foil mirror) with air tank and a compressor connected to it and the other three mirrors are semi transparent spy-glass. By inflating or deflating the air tank, the membrane turns convex or concave, deforming the reflections.

Tape Tokyo

Spiral Garden 18.11. – 04.12.2013, Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo, Japan

To follow their work go to:

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