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Synchrodogs - Behind The Lens

Synchrodogs recently exhibited at the Dallas Contemporary, part of five separate individual shows currently on display. Their series SUPERNATURAL was commissioned by the Dallas Contemporary and shot throughout their 4 week road trip in the Western United States. I got a chance to sit down with Tania and Romen to talk about one of the pieces in the show.

What were your goals and inspirations behind it?

We were always working on the topic of nature as natural environment is the one that brought us up. It is where we find relief. It is what makes us happy and what calms our souls. Working on Supernatural project we continued exploring connection between human and Earth, went on a 4000 mile road trip throughout US to rediscover our own capacities and energy limits, to see how a human can walk into darkness, go straight into unexplored relying on intuition, go where subconscious leads and feel safe in the World of the unknown.

What is the meaning of the work?

We only perceive our projects as a whole, not giving individual meanings to each photograph. With ‘Supernatural’ project we strived to create our own reality, used our own constructed images as a vehicle for erasing the line between real and illusive, between natural and artificial, between evident and unexplored.

Did you have any past artists or photographers in mind when you photographed it (like Edward Weston?)

No, when we are working on a project we are usually too concentrated on our own thoughts and try to avoid other visual materials around not to loose our own ideas.

Was the horizon line and angle of any importance?

Everything is important, you change the angle and you make an absolutely different picture.

How do the methods you chose complement your intentions?

Our method of working is absolute self-devotion. We know our goal, we have our ideas in mind and we climb the highest hill on the hottest sunny day to get to the best piece of nature and make a shot.

How did you decide to arrange this composition?

Our composition is always straight just like the world you see around.

If you had to attribute a specific style to this, what would it be?

Naturally surreal.

Photo courtesy of Synchrodogs 2015.

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