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Chic and Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

It seems like every single year, Halloween comes out of nowhere. At least for me it does! With all the stores putting up Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations in the middle of September, it's easy to lose the spookiness of October. Also, procrastination. If you think back to July, you'll remember you had that one perfect costume idea that never made it into your busy schedule. Now, Halloween is just a few days away and you've got plans, a lot of them. Maybe it's a few Halloween parties, a concert, or just a night on the town with a pit stop at the festivities, you need a quick and easy costume to impress your friends. Have no fear, these costumes take less than an hour and there is absolutely no emergency runs to the Party City involved.

For the artsy ones:


You like art and paintings? Why not do some arts and crafts to make your very own Mondrian? The geometric lines and primary colors and easy for even the artistically-challenged, and all you'll need is a 10 minute trip to Hobby Lobby! Another advantage of this costume is that you can put it over your clothes with no preparation if your night isn't all spooky, themed fun.

You'll need:

  • 2 white foam boards

  • Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black paint

  • Foam brush

  • 2 pieces of elastic of fabric to attach the foam boards

  • Staples, superglue, or whatever else you want to attach the fabric to the foamboard

For the makeup guru:


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Become a cartoon! As you can tell, I love art and this costume is a throwback to both comic books and the genius Roy Lichtenstein. It might take about 20 minutes for the full makeup, but remember that you can pair something as bold as this with pretty much any clothes, so no costume shopping (unless you want to, Yandy and other party stores have a perfect dress to pair with it)! If you want a makeup tutorial to follow and get it absolutely perfect, this one is the best I found, and it shows you 4 different ways to do it!

You'll need:

  • 20 minutes of free time

  • Fake eyelashes (optional)

  • 1 costume makeup palette OR find alternatives at home like:

  • Black eyeliner or pencil

  • Red lipstick

  • Light concealer or white eyeliner

  • Blue eye shadow or pencil

  • Cream eyeshadow for the POW!

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