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Top Low-Maintenance Beauty

Being insanely busy in crazy weather destroys your skin, and being lazy on top of that leads to some innovative beauty picks. Although many things today take less time, it also seems like we have less time to spare. Balancing school, work, a social life, and family can get pretty stressful, so a low-maintenance beauty routine is mandatory. From store-bought products to strange family beauty secrets, the girl or guy who wants to look great with minimal effort will find something to try here. On top of that, many of these tricks prove you don't have to dish out serious cash to have great skin and hair.

Clean your skin naturally (and quickly) with Trader Joe's Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil

Originally I found out about this from one of the male models I worked with in Austin, and it's been one of the best skin products I've ever used. Clocking in under $10 and lasting more than a few months, the natural antiseptic in the tea tree oil keeps skin free of blemishes and gently cleans pores. This is good for any type of skin or weather conditions - it moisturizes dry skin yet cleans oily skin. Living in Dallas, the weather fluctuates daily if not weekly, but this cleanser is versatile enough to use on a regular to semi-regular basis.

Netflix marathon at home? Put this honey cucumber mask on

I've never been a big fan of facial masks - they take too long and always make a mess, but this one finally changed my mind. With other homemade all-natural masks, you neither feel nor notice a difference in your skin, but this one leaves you feeling fresh and clean. All you need to do is puree half a peeled cucumber with 2 tablespoons of honey, keep it on your face for 5 minutes, and wash it off. Simple, quick, and the perfect skin refresher for summer.

SPF20 + light concealer in one swipe

Unless you're planning on being outside, you probably forget to apply sunscreen to your face everyday. This product is fantastic because it provides both light coverage and sun protection. During the summer and warm weather months, heavy concealers block pores and lead to further skin irritation. This provides lightweight coverage which is perfect for warmer weather and lots of sun. As a bonus for your lazy side, it takes less than 10 seconds to apply.

Get longer and thicker eyelashes with Castor oil

Everyone has those natural family recipes for random beauty treatments, but this is the most effective eyelash 'serum' I have ever tried. Compared to store-bought miracle serums that promise to triple your eyelashes in length and magically allow you to grow more within a week, this, surprisingly, is not promoted in the US for having similar benefits. The biggest problem I had with anything store or salon bought is the lack of long-term change. They would work great while you were using them, but after you ran out the hair follicles would be more sensitive and you'd be worse off than before. Castor oil works if you use it every day to every other day, and keeps on working after you've stopped using it. It promotes the healthiness of hair and strengthens the roots. Before bed each night use a Q-tip dipped in a little oil, then apply to the roots of your eyelashes. It really is that simple. If you're a fan of thicker eyebrows, this is perfect for that as well.

Vinegar hair rinse for soft and shiny hair

Yes, you're actually seeing a big bottle of vinegar on a beauty post without the accompanying recipe to chug it and 'detox' your body. This is a thousand times better, all you need is water and a shower. This is actually a tradition from my grandmother - who has fabulous hair, by the way - that I used to protest. The idea of using a condiment in my hair was strange at first, but after using it and stopping, I noticed a big difference in the feel of my hair. When using this as a rinse after every shower, your hair feels softer and more silky to the touch, easier to style, and much easier to detangle. The rinse itself consists of about one part vinegar and nine parts water. I suggest bringing a plastic container into the shower and to the rinse immediately after you finish showering. It's really easy to make a habit, and it takes minimal effort on your part with maximum results.

Hopefully you'll get a chance to try one or all of these tips out soon!

I love feedback, so never hesitate to really let me know how you feel.

Feel free to contact me with any more questions about the above tips through Instagram @czarina_ekaterina or through my email.

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