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Eyelash Extensions at The Lash Loft: Everything You Need To Know

I embraced a whole new level of glamour with minimal upkeep when I tried eyelash extensions. I had previously seen it on celebrities, but I never realized that half of Dallas has these lashes until I posted a photo! Let me tell you; it made my life a whole lot easier.

When I first heard about eyelash extensions, I never thought it would last with the way I treat my lashes. I was pleasantly surprised after getting a full set done at The Lash Loft in Deep Ellum and having them last for three weeks! Remember that this is after putting on heavy mascara on for events and using oil-based makeup remover (which you shouldn't do with NovaLash glue, oops!)

Overall, I am very impressed with the entire experience of having lashes done at The Lash Loft. It's an incredibly chic yet relaxed. They have an amazing deal on a full set of lashes for $150 currently, down from their previous $300! I had a lot of questions when I first went in, so I posted them below!

Q: What type of lashes do you use?

A: We use 100% mink/silk fiber lashes with a NovaLash adhesive. NovaLash adhesive is hypoallergenic and the highest-quality adhesive in the industry.

Q: Will I get glue in my eye?

A: Your eyes are closed for the duration of the appointment and the lashes are attached directly to your own lashes.

Q: How long do they last?

A: It depends on the cycle of your own lashes, the lashes can last from two to four weeks until you need to come in for a fill.

Q: Can I choose how dramatic the lashes are?

A: Yes, we can do anything from a more natural look to a dramatic look.

Q: Do I need to do any maintenance of lashes on my part?

A: You just need to avoid oil-based makeup removers, as that dissolves the NovaLash adhesive.

Q: How long does it take to get my lashes done?

A: About 1.5-2 hours for a full set and 30 minutes to one hour for fills.

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