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Earl's 377 Pizzeria: A Gem Inspired By A Love Story

A true gem of North Dallas, Earl's 377 pizzeria is a restaurant inspired by a love story. It all starts with Earl going off to war during WWII and meeting Isabella in Italy. After coming back to the states and getting married, she wanted to build a kitchen and dining room so she could make all of her traditional Italian recipes. Using only what he had in the barn, Earl repurposed everything from banjos, to metal buckets, shovels, and suitcases from when they traveled the world. Even though this story isn't real, Earl's 377 brings it to life. Italian dishes are updated with unexpected touches such as pineapple puree and crawfish artichoke fondue.

To start, we ordered the Crawfish and Artichoke Fonduta, made with roasted peppers and pepperjack and served with their house crostini. THIS WAS A DREAM COME TRUE. It went above & beyond my expectations, as many crawfish dishes tend to be overwhelming on the actual 'seafood' flavor. This was exceptionally well-balanced with the taste of the crawfish and the smoky pepperjack. Try it on the crostinis or even on the pizzas for an extra cheesy bite!

Padre Island pizza is the perfect mix of sweet and spicy, featuring pineapple puree, fresh jalapenos, crushed tomatoes, cilantro, and sweet onions. We were warned a few times about the spiciness of the fresh jalapenos, and this pizza is pretty spicy, but nothing you can't handle. The pineapple puree was a lovely touch, providing a sweetness and tanginess in every bite without being overpowering. This is a must-try pizza!

I've had my fair share of pizza with chicken or artichoke, but the ingredient that sets this apart is the drizzled garlic oil. The chicken and artichoke pizza features ricotta, spinach, artichokes, and mozzarella. Unlike many other white-based pizzas which tend to be bland, this is full of flavor.

N'Djua was basically a proscuitto board version of a pizza. It features a spicy prosciutto spread, shallot, and ricotta. This was the closest you'll get to a traditional pizza, yet still featuring a higher quality of meat you'll find on most other pizzas.

The dessert menu made my chocolate wishes come true with a Nutella s'more pizza called the Pizza Perfecto. Their house crust is covered in a generous layer of chocolate chips and Nutella, then topped with marshmallow, more Nutella, and powdered sugar. It was rich and decadent but not too sweet, so leave room for it!

Overall, I had a fantastic experience dining here, and it was more than worth the drive. Housed in an old fire station with chic Italian and country touches, Earl's 377 is a gem of a restaurant.

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