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Paola Pivi, Dan Colen, and Helmut Lang at the Dallas Contemporary

The Dallas Contemporary outdid themselves once again with a trifecta of breathtaking artists. Diverse exhibitions by Paola Pivi, Dan Colen, and Helmut Lang kept guests in awe while moving throughout the specially redesigned space. Countless rooms were created to highlight and complement the work of each artist; the expansive spaces for Pivi's commanding works are contrasted by museum-like rooms dividing Colen's series. Viewing these exhibitions is an experience, and the works will be available until late August. For gallery hours click here.

Featuring the first US exhibition of Paola Pivi, her inverted plane greeted guests as they entered the space, followed by a small army of colorful bears. As the exhibition continued, Pivi's rotating feather-fans ushered guests into a sweeping space dominated by an oversized inflatable ladder and images of displaced safari animals in tundras. Stepping inside this show is comparable to stepping into Pivi's world, spanning the last 25 years.

Dan Colen's retrospective is exhibited in separated museum rooms, taking the guests through his processes and transformation. The first room is full of studies of his tattoos, culminating in a hyperrealistic depiction of his torso. This retrospective allows viewers to experience the intricacies of his process, a rare glance behind-the-scenes. The oversized confetti works, spanning 20 feet tall, encompass the viewer.

Helmut Lang has always been in artist, albeit in different mediums. The celebrated fashion designer solidifies his reinvention as an artist with sheepskin treated with tar, gold, and silver. Becoming a household name in the 1990's, Lang stepped away from fashion in 2005 to pursue studio art. The rough, complicated textures of the sheepskin are contrasted by extravagant treatments, blurring the line between primal and elegant.

The exhibition closes on August 21, so you have no excuse to miss it! Follow Dallas Contemporary below for exclusive events and presentations:

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