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VMAs 2016: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The 2016 VMAs were surprisingly tame as compared to past years; no meat dress, no Miley Cyrus twerking dressed as a latex chicken, no multicolored wigs. But as always, they were a sartorial free-for-all, with attendees dressed in everything from Topshop jeans to floor-length gowns. There were some beautiful looks, and some looks that should have never left the house.

We've gathered our deliciously honest Dallas Fashion Police yet again to go over this year's red carpet looks. Our contributors include Jeanette Chivvis, Allison Mitchell, Charles Smith II, Maxine Trowbridge, and Ken Weber.

Smith II: Forever making a statement and embracing the couture art in high end dress making which I can forever appreciate.

Mitchell: I want to like this, but something is putting me off. There's so much volume and she's not that tall, it's making me sad.

Chivvis: Award winning look for an award winner! Makeup and hair were on POINT! The earrings were stunning! Normally I would think this was too much of a gown for the VMA awards but she was queen of the night so it totally worked!

Smith II: Ashley Graham- Dope.

Mitchell: She looks more uncomfortable than I feel about this getup.

Chivvis: Modern and sexy! Love her confidence! Love the sheer beaded peek a boo trend! Sexy is an attitude and she nailed it!

Weber: Ashley Graham, You go girl! You're gorgeous with a killer body, but why are you so covered up?

Smith II: Rock N Roll Chic.

Mitchell: Who are these people and why do they remind me of No Doubt? There is only one Gwen Stefani, and only one Gwen Stefani's abs.

Chivvis: This is what the VMA carpet looks like when you belong on it and you haven't sold out to a bevy of stylists. You look independent, authentic and edgy- real rock stars and musicians with their own unique style! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Weber: DNCE-Look how excited they are! Why did they even go? Except for Cole Whittle who obviously stole all of grandmas jewelry to wear with his leather overalls, the rest didn't give a @)&*!

Smith II: Awesome Taylor Jacket, Hate The Print.

Mitchell: He's lucky he's so cute, because that jacket is out of proportion and tries too hard to mix patterns. Nope.

Chivvis: Deconstruction was HoT! Loving this deconstructed jacket back with a sheer tee underneath. So fresh and ON POINT!

Weber: Jaden, I applaud him for being true to who he is but wearing something exciting and interesting. I love the Jun Takahashi for Undercover, cat printed suit jacket layered dress thingy. Own it!

Smith II: Simple Minimal and Sexy Wearable Cool Shit.

Mitchell: Um, Kim's bod looks amazing and if she can pull off a dress like that, kudos to her. Kanye looks like he was told to get off the couch and put some pants on before leaving the house.

Chivvis: Hey Kim, did Forever 21 have it in another color??? This dress looks cheap and too young for her and she is trying way to hard with the shoulder situation. Kanye looks classic Kanye and right on point for the VMA awards style.

Trowbridge: Kim Kardashian’s outfit, well, what can I say other than that look is an insult to a vintage John Galliano outfit.

Weber: Kim and Kanye, Poor Kim found a DIY posting on Pinterest where you take a blown out pair of panty hose and turn it into a dress. Panty Ho chic. And, Kanye must have a house painting gig after the show.

Smith II: Cobalt Sexy...Not fan of the over floor length but the dress silhouette is beautiful.

Mitchell: Again, if you have a bod like this, go forth and show it. I'm not crazy about all the cutouts or the fabric, but I'm mostly not crazy about Nicki's expression. Someone give this girl a hug.

Chivvis: Nikki I think you forgot which red carpet you were walking. This would be perfect for oscars or golden globes but VMA awards ? Really?? Too formal but kudos for the banging body!

Smith II: Love the london punk rocker chic look for a fit that matches the personality for her to carry a look like that.

Mitchell: I think her stylist used to work with the Four Non Blondes because her outfit looks like an amalgamation of their leftover pieces from 1992.

Chivvis: Loving this Marc Jacobs look - perfectly edgy and young for the VMA awards. The platforms are a perfect touch to this retro motorcycle babe look!

Weber: Rita Ora, Road Kill Beyond Thunderdome. What was Rita & Mark Jacobs thinking?

Trowbridge: Rita Ora, a shocking, rocking outfit and perfect for the red carpet, and very much on trend in the eyes of Marc Jacobs. Those platform heels walked the runway in February along with feathers and lace; Marc Jacobs presented a very Goth, Punk style for Fall 2016, and Rita Ora hit the mark with this ensemble. And, I much prefer Ora’s makeup than Jacobs’ runway look.

Smith II: Jeremy is Jeremy and always expect the candy land fun bold pebbly statement vibes.

Mitchell: Ugh. This look sucks the life force out of me for some reason. I guess, good job with the flamboyant embroidery. You are slowly killing me.

Trowbridge: Loved everything about Jeremy Scott and model Stella Maxwell!

Smith II: Beyonce aka Slayonce- Not my favorite but how she and tyrone aren't afraid to just do and go for the conversational piece. Whether its good or bad it will have you talking because its on beyonce, she wins on both sides.

Mitchell: Bey, stop it. I can't with this.

Chivvis: Too many trends in one dress! Sheer, bondage and feathers. This was way too much for the VMA awards. Less is more, Bey! Looking fab doesn't require effort, this just looks uncomfortable and out of place.

Trowbridge: Well, hey, Bey, nothing like a diva outfit on the red carpet. It’s a perfect outfit for the occasion, but something is just remiss, Ms Bey. You’re Queen Bey, you just don’t need to try that hard; all I kept seeing was Sam Eagle from the Muppets.

Smith II: Swizz on point, Alicia could have done better, I was definitely not a fan of that look for her.

Mitchell: Oh no, Alicia, you are so gorgeous and talented...why did you let your stylist talk you into wearing a horribly constructed 70's style maxi? Also, did you forget your makeup in the car, hun? Swizz Beatz looks sharp and comfortable. A+ for him.

Chivvis: Love she embraces her natural beauty! She is shining from the inside out! The dress is too boring for the red carpet. It overwhelms her smaller frame! Power to you for having the confidence for being makeup free but GiRL you need to fire the stylist. Give me a call - I promise I will have you looking red carpet perfect immediately! 😋Loving his black and white look - clean and chic and right on for the VMA red carpet!

Trowbridge: Alicia Keys is a beautiful young woman, and I love her music, I don’t know what look she was going trying to achieve, but that red floral maxi-dress by Just Cavalli was channeling Mama Cass. Less tent, please!

Weber: Alicia Keys, I applaud her stance on not wearing make-up, fine...but I don't applaud her for wearing this Just Cavalli dress that looks like grandma's 1970s Muu Muu from Hawaii. And Swizz Beats was just excited he had shoes to match his outfit.

A big thank-you to all of our contributors! Learn more about them below:

Jeanette Chivvis

Instagram: @Chivvistyles

Stylist, Chivvis Style

Allison Mitchell

Charles Smith II

Designer, Smith II

Maxine Trowbridge

Editor-At-Large, Papercity Magazine

Ken Weber

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