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DISH Preston Hollow: Refined American Cuisine for Business or Pleasure

I first went to DISH for a relaxed lunch after doing some heavy shopping at Northpark, craving American comfort food with a unique twist. I wasn’t disappointed, and ended up visiting a few times more for business meetings before deciding to do a review. Each visit delivered expertly prepared meals in a simple yet modern atmosphere, with fresh ingredients prepared in unique ways. The menu was spearheaded by Executive chef Garreth Dickey, the cocktails by noted mixologist Trevor Landry, and wine list by Sommelier Brandon Smoot. I didn’t include any drinks in this review, but I saw they had a fantastic happy hour seven days a week plus half-off wine on Wednesdays. I went all-out on this one, ordering a whole LOT of food, and my favorite dishes include the Truffled Deviled Eggs and the Roasted Atlantic Salmon.

For starters, I had the Truffled Deviled Eggs and the Salt & Pepper Calamari. I can honestly say you haven’t lived until you’ve had the massive deviled eggs served with white truffle oil, Applewood smoked bacon, and pickled red onion. I’ve noticed that this has been a fairly popular dish (haha- get it?) in many Dallas restaurants, but I will admit that the truffle oil definitely sets it apart. The pickled red onion provides a welcome tanginess that balances out the smokiness of the bacon and earthiness of the truffle oil. This is a must-try. If you don’t like it, call me up and I’ll finish your plate. The Salt & Pepper Calamari had a southern twist, served with corn wheels, sweet roasted peppers, and spicy buffalo butter. It was chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, just remember that the buffalo butter will soften the crispy texture.

The Roasted Atlantic Salmon and Bourbon Glazed Pork Chop were nothing short of incredible. Both dishes were impeccably prepared, juicy and flavorful. Cooking a perfect Pork Chop is no easy feat, and pairing it with bacon and mashed potatoes is walking a thin line between a refined or a heavy meal. Thankfully, this was not the case here, the applewood bacon was included in an apple & onion ragù. The kennebec mashed potatoes were light and fluffy, balanced by the arugula.

If there is one DISH to try here, it’s the Roasted Atlantic Salmon. Not only was it one of the best-cooked Salmon fillets I’ve ever had, but also one of the most unique flavor combinations paired with salmon. Topped with crab avocado relish and surrounded by sweet potato purée, brussel petals, and jalapeño beurre blanc, every bite is a diverse combination of flavor. The crab avocado relish is also an incredible dish by itself, but its addition to the Southern-inspired dish is delicious.

For sides, I decided to indulge my current obsessions, Jalapeño Mac & Cheese and Flame Charred Okra. Don’t fret if you can’t handle spice – the jalapeño is de-seeded, de-veined, and filleted, leaving only the taste with no spice! I’ve been trying ‘artisan’ Mac & Cheese combinations all over town, and this one can compete with the best of them. It’s fairly filling, but the larger size is perfect to share. The flame charred okra was good, but I definitely suggest requesting a lemon on the side for an extra zest.

At this point, I was getting so full that I actually had to do a double-take on the dessert, but how can I resist Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake and a Toffee Sundae?! Now, this sundae is much less intimidating than the last one I had at Cedar Grove, but it still packed a ton of flavor and texture. Both desserts were served a la mode with hot fudge, adding a wide range of temperatures and consistencies. It truly made eating the dessert an experience. The Toffee Sundae was served with toffee butter cake, butter pecan ice cream, and hot toffee sauce. This dessert does look smaller than the cake, but it’s still plenty to share between 2 or 3 people, and I highly suggest trying it. The Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake was served with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate mousse, and chocolate fudge. Basically, a chocoholic’s dream come true.

DISH Preston Hollow delivered on their promise of elevated American cuisine a thousand times over, and I genuinely enjoyed every meal I had there. I was actually pretty surprised how easily it transformed from a business meeting hotspot during lunch to a dinner-date destination. Overall, I would go back any day, and I’ll be trying their new brunch soon.

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