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The BEST Looks From Fashion X Dallas 2016 Finale

Finishing up their incredibly successful third year, Fashion X Dallas presented by Cadillac had some incredible looks out on the runway! Showing both Dallas staples such as Nine Muses and Ese Azenabor, FxD also featured one of the best emerging designers in a capsule collection, Erica Dawn Woodmore. The diverse collections shown fit any and every style, from casual to black-tie formal, and everything in between. We've pulled our favorite looks from the Finale here, photographed by the immensely talented Nick Glover! Sadly this year is at an end, and we can't wait for Fashion X Dallas next year!

We did a small review of each designer below, in order of appearance.

Korto Momolu

A native Liberian, this collection was heavily inspired by her African roots. The prints were very playful and fun, perfect for the bold! Small details and unexpected cutouts brought a modern take on traditional fabrics and busy patterns. The only downside was the coarseness of the fabric, as some designs would have been showstopping in a lighter fabric.


The Glacier collection appropriately a plethora of various fabrics in hues of blue, holding a slight shimmer. The standout piece here was the beautiful slacks, featured in the slideshow. Although many pieces were beautiful, sometimes there were too many different fabrics combined in one piece, subtracting from the design.

Bentley & Lace

First of all, the models were adorable. There were some pieces that featured unexpected pops of lace, as per the name. The designer makes each piece made to order, and while each piece was well-made, the collection was not coherent overall. Still, the cuteness made up for all that and more!

Sean Kelly

The season 13 winner of Project Runway, Sean Kelly certainly pushed the boundaries of chaps and fringe! This collection was very space cowboy, and David Bowie would be proud. Daily wearability is questionable, but it was certainly a show!

Flawless Honey

This capsule collection features colorful prints and structured designs. It's carefree and ideal for weekend-wear, especially brunch. We're excited to see more from this local designer!

Erica Dawn Woodmore

EDW simply blew the audience away! The trio of intricate black designs were both sexy and modern, yet still wearable. Each piece is interchangeable via leather straps, so there are endless possibilities. This is the designer to follow as she builds her full collection. Sign us up!

Aisling N. Bernard

This capsule collection featured a lot of color blocking and defined structure accentuating the silhouettes. The calculated forms of each look reflect the designer's experience in dressmaking and custom pieces.

Nine Muses

Recently opening a showroom in LA, Nine Muses shows no sign of stopping, and this collection accentuates their continuous evolution. Sleek and sexy, Nine Muses featured muted tones perfect for any skin tone and flattering silhouettes. We've been obsessed with them for years, and that's not stopping anytime soon.

Batch No. 8

This collection is among the most wearable of Saturday night, and some of the best looks were very Southern-chic. Featuring modern yet feminine silhouettes, Batch No. 8 offers a variety of looks that suit any style.

Ese Azenabor

The Queen of beads is back with an incredible collection featuring a wide range of silhouettes and hues. Jewel tones combined with intricate beading is a tried and true style that Ese pioneered in Dallas, yet new designs with sexy sheer fabric shows she is always evolving.

Tinsley Radix

A boutique buyer's dream, Tinsley Radix featured bright pops of color in a variety of styles that would fit any body type. Ranging from casual to cocktail, this collection has the potential to be in anyone's closet.

For more information on each designer, click here.

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