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Stars and Trainwrecks at Emmy Awards 2016

The Dallas Fashion Police is back to bring you lots of fashion laughs and some scathing reviews! As in any award show, the red carpet at the Emmy Awards 2016 was full of beautiful gowns and awful disasters. 2016 was a year of unexpected fashion favorites and plenty of opposing fashion views!

Without further ado, the Dallas Fashion Police this time around include Jeanette Chivvis, Britt Harless, Dawn Marie Mellon, Allison Mitchell, and Ken Weber!

Britt: I must start off by saying I went from feeling completely underwhelmed to supremely amused within a few seconds into the red carpet and throughout the show. Wow—what a gamut of confusion. I think this gown is pretty. I like the deep V neckline and the color/details are pretty. I could see Julianne Moore rocking this with her great ginger self.

Jeanette: She came to slay on every level and she did just that- from taking home an Emmy to dominating the carpet in this jaw dropping Prada - makeup and hair was so on point! Bravo!!! My best dressed pick!

Allison: YAS! One of my favorite actresses looking fierce and feminine - a perfect balance. GET IT, gurl.

Ken: In my top three! Thank you Sarah Paulson and Prada for taking a chance on the color. She totally was a ray of light shining from the sea of white and yellow gowns. Her hair, make-up, Wilfredo Rosado earrings...everything is perfect.

Ken: Anna must have asked at the last minute and Christian Siriano was just exhausted from all the Emmy gowns he did this year, that he just vomited a quilted satin bedspread on a dress form and said VOILA! Here ya go! Have fun!

Britt: Love this actress in VEEP—I just want to know why?! I understand she had a baby not long ago…but unless she had quadruplets, I have no idea why her stylists would be so cruel.

Jeanette: Remember when Scarlett O' Hara had her curtains turned into a gown ? This is what it reminds me of. Upholstery fabric is called upholstery fabric for a reason lol

Dawn: Today, Designer Christian Siriano said of Chlumsky's dress, "The fabric was a risk. The shape was a risk." And, added that he knew 'not everyone would get it.' Truer words were never spoken. My question: Did anyone get it? If this dress were an investment, the risk would never outweigh the return.

Allison: Oh, Brienne of Tarth, you look like you borrowed this from one of those ladies you're sworn to protect (self-sworn, just so we're clear). You are so tall and stunning, this dress needed to hit the floor, not mimic your hourglass figure at the knee.

Ken: Hefty bag chic! This train wreck would of only worked if she had truly made the dress out of recycled plastic bags. Then it would have been an awesome eco friendly dress. But instead a wrinkled mess with a feather duster hemline.

Britt: Not a fan of anything that reminds me of the 80s prom days. I don’t think it is fitted well or figure flattering on her.

Jeanette: The fit was off - the dress wore her she didn't wear the dress - fashion fail!

Ken: Have we seen a 100 variations of this Madame Gres style gown....yes. Do I care? No. Why? Because Priyanka Chopra looks absolutely friggin' gorgeous! Nice job Jason Wu.

Britt: Beautiful and flowy with strong standout color…true classic Emmy style with nice side swept bodice cut outs. Looks great on her.

Jeanette: Pure old Hollywood glam in this red stunner! It to me is a bit safe but it works for sure and looks great on her!

Allison: Beautiful Priyanka...I feel like your dress was almost perfect, and then an extra piece of top was laid over the existing one. It looks arbitrary to me. Great color on her, though.

Britt: This could have been stunning on her. However, I think they should have kept all the ruffle details at the bottom of the gown and left the top portion of the gown more classic and subtle. Too much going on both ends. Beautiful color.

Ken: Emily Ratajkowski In Zac Posen. This is just fabric roadkill. And what in the heck is going on with her breasts???? So unflattering.

Jeanette: Does the supermodel come with the dress?? Let's just say she would stun in a paper bag HOWEVER in this exquisite Zac Posen in this gorgeous midnight blue she sends shockwaves to planets beyond while walking the red carpet. I haven't fallen in love with a gown like this in a good ten years. This was my second BEST look of the night! Pure Perfection Zac!

Allison: Am I allowed to give the stink eye to the great Zac Posen for this under-the-sea, mermaid ruffle, kitschy skirt? I dig the architectural top, but the ruffles are making me sad.

Dawn: Then, there's Emily Ratajkowski in Zac Posen with Zac Posen. May favorite look of the evening. Stunning. Perfection. Done.

Britt: STUNNING! But of course. It’s Dallas’ very own FAB Dallas designer (and FGI of Dallas board member) Nhã Khanh’s design!! Love the color, structure and delicate cut out details in the neckline. Congrats are in order.

Allison: Nha Khan's perfectly fitted and detailed dress is doing all the right things for Kate, but most importantly, it's making her feel beautiful - look at that face! Love this comedienne, and love this designer!

Britt: I like the neckline, leg slit and hint of cut out on this white gown. I think this neckline is very flattering on women, by the way. I’m not a fan of the silver rectangular belt buckle though. Don’t beam that part up, Scottie.

Allison: A long white dress with well-placed cut-outs looks good on every skinny girl. I need a little more risk from you, Aimee. And also, your collar bones are trying to escape.

Dawn: Most wardrobe malfunctions can be anticipated well before they take place...and, often times, I question whether or not they really occur on accident (...'oops, I did it again...'). But, in the case of Aimee Teegarden and her chic white KaufmanFranco gown, I must admit I didn't see it coming. The former Friday Night Lights cheerleader made some bad decisions in Dillon, Texas, but who would have thought they'd follow her to Hollywood?

Ken: The boys are so cute! But is that little girl throwing me attitude? I will rip that bird of your dress and eat it for dinner. And move that droopy ribbon bow to the back. It's sloppy. See you're not perfect little girl. Was that too far?

Jeanette: They were the cutest and the young men were so dapper and tailored just right! Red carpet cha Ching! The dress by Red Valentino was just pure perfection on this budding young actress and style setter! A win-win! Loved them!

Britt: Adorable x 3. Love the birds on the young lady’s gown and the young men look dapper and darling.

Allison: Darlings. They all look perfect and comfortable in their own styles. I am a particularly big fan of Gaten Matazzaro, and he is killing it with those plaid details!

Ken: Poor William H Macey was my #1 hot mess of the evening. Besides needing to move into the buffet line at Golden Coral to put on some weight, he really needs to learn that there are people known as tailors. He's a disheveled mess....and the shoes! Ugh.

Britt: LOVE this great actor—but as they say in Texas, “Bless his heart!” He deserves a great tailor with all his amazing talent!!

Jeanette: Although this look needs tailoring it goes exactly with his character on Shameless so since I am a HUGE fan of the show I would say I thought it represented him well on the carpet. I love the grey tuxedo.

Allison: William, sorry to interrupt your day of couch cartoons with the Emmy's. I guess you can go home now. You get some points for showing up.

Ken: Olivia Culpo is an archangel sent to the red carpet from Zac Posen heaven to battle all the badly dressed celebritie. I'm so in love!!!!

Britt: I like this in white and think it is elegant. I like this style of sheer with delicate flowing detail. However, I’ve seen this this style done in so many different ways lately, that I’m apathetic about it.

Jeanette: If there were ever a modern princess dress this would be it! She looks magnetic and ethereal all at the same time in this amazing Zac Posen dress. From her head to her toes she exudes red carpet perfection!

Allison: Easily the best-dressed, in my opinion. This is tight where it should be and voluminous where it should be. Fabulous, don't ever take it off!

Dawn: The former Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA and Miss Universe needs to add, Miss "I Rocked The 2016 Emmys" to her list of pageant titles. Culpo's Zac Posen dress, her hair, her makeup, her EVERYTHING was spot on!

Ken: High school prom gone wrong! And I think that pouf on his head was purchased at the hair extension kiosk in the mall.

Britt: What can we say? He has his own “style” and I give props to anyone that tries to do something outside of the norm (i.e. his hair explosion). However, I think he could use a stylist to better match his persona.

Allison: I think he looks a little adorable, but that may be the puss-in-boots expression on his face. Either way, he's tugging at my heart strings and I'm not even noticing the ill-coiffed hair or the too-short pants.

Ken: Okay, so my theory is....She spilled red wine on her yellow skirt in the Uber and had to ditch it and so she's wearing the petticoat with the gown bodice. No other explanation.

Britt: In how many languages can we say hot mess?! I just don’t get it at all. Mind officially boggled.

Jeanette: Looks like she rummaged through a vintage store on her way to the Emmys.

Allison: Eep! Laura, that top is to die for and I want it, actually do you mind if I borrow it, but your skirt is passively-aggressively tormenting me. That waist band at the top is cramping the flow, and please extend the slip...I have to look away now.

Dawn: Perhaps Carmichael was thinking about the reviews she received after her debut on the highly-acclaimed series, Downton Abbey. It was then that Carmichael realized she was cast as the 'ugly' Crawley sister. While things may have changed for the actress who portrays Lady Edith Crawley, it's apparent, she was having some sort of flashback last night. Perhaps, that would explain her decision to pair the shapeless tulle skirt her stylist found at a discount dancewear store with an equally-hideous top that may have once belonged to a Livestrong volunteer would make sense.

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