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A Triple Threat of Sculpture, Society, Fashion, and Memories: Bruce Weber, Laercio Redondo, and Pedr

With each new opening, the Dallas Contemporary continues to push all bounds of exhibitions and artists. Their autumn exhibitions include the first US shows of renowned photographer Bruce Weber and Brazil's leading contemporary artist Laercio Redondo. In the past, the Dallas Contemporary has hosted pioneering exhibitions of contemporary artists throughout the globe, putting them in the international spotlight. The experience of viewing three solo exhibitions by artists that are incredibly different yet complementary is not one to be missed.

Bruce Weber's exhibition "Far From Home" shows over 250 iconic photos taken on his travels around the world combining culture and fashion, as well as a selection of his travel-related short films. This exhibition gives new life to Weber's international work while shooting for the fashion industry's leading brands. Personal stories and cultural experiences are combined with striking imagery for an intimate view of Weber's eye. Vibrant culture and couture fashion combine seamlessly in his images, putting the clothes in the context of the culture. The extensive collection of photographs and short films illustrates Weber's fascination with travel and fashion. Expect to spend at least an hour viewing his exhibition.

Laercio Redondo creates installations and multimedia works that emerge from his deep research into cultural dynamics, Brazilian architecture and its practitioners. His work unearths forgotten memories and explores the work of other Brazilian artists such as Athos Bulcão, Lina Bo Bardi and Lota de Macedo Soares. One of the foremost contemporary artists in Brazil, Redondo highlights the absence of artists from collective memories and the effect of time on a previously lived-in house. This exhibition takes the viewer into subconscious memories and traversing mediums of art.

Pedro Reyes explores the relationship between Greek statues, philosophy, and the society they are placed within. This modern reimagination of Greek culture includes an architectural transcription of Plato's Allegory of the Cave, giving the ancient story a new life. Among the sculptures is a series made especially for the museum using found materials and images printed on cloth to create dynamic collage spanning time and space. Trained as an architect, Reyes creates a space which opens new opportunities to improve human connection and understanding. This exhibition is a sanctuary of contrast between the ancient and modern, primitive and refined, abstraction and figuration.

Any one of these shows would be strong on its own, but their combination may be the best exhibition series at the Dallas Contemporary yet.

The Dallas Contemporary is open Tuesday - Saturday from 11am - 6pm and Sunday 12pm - 5pm.

For more information on the Dallas Contemporary and this exhibition, click here.

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All photographs by Nick Glover.

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