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Your Guide To Gallery Openings Saturday, November 19

Dallas is incredibly lucky to have such a wide repertoire of galleries and talented artists at our disposal, so get your art on this Saturday! Here are the top gallery openings you shouldn't miss. Don't worry, we organized them by time slot so you have plenty of time to see all of them! Schedule your Saturday night for some chic gallery hopping!

Optic Energy: Dion Johnson

Johnson’s paintings and works on paper combine and explore dynamic opposites: expansiveness and compression, darkness and light. Johnson’s intuitive use of color evokes the contemporary urban, digital and natural landscape, and skews the vocabulary of abstraction into a hybrid techno-language.

Opening reception: November 19, 5:00 - 8:00pm

Silence is Home: Lisa Cardenas

"Silence is my remedy; it begins at the point of departure. The absence of sound reveals the conduit to the memories of the past. My paintings reflect my healing journey. The painting “Silence” depicts the attempt to fill the void with overpowering noise. Only to discover that true healing comes through silence. With every painting completed, there came a deeper calm." - Lisa

Woman/Drifter/Earth/Body: Yelizaveta Nersesova

"The current body of work is fueled by my experience of Argentine Tango... as a particular dance form, as a culturally specific way of life, as an ideology, as a metaphor for life, as a historical record of political, technological, psychological and biological evolution. In the past two years Argentine Tango became for me a physical and poetic field where the most dynamic aspects of my biology, culture, and history play themselves out." - Yelizaveta

Opening reception: November 19, 5:00 - 8:30pm

Flagrant: Zeke Williams

In his second solo exhibition with the gallery, Zeke Williams will exhibit a new body of work made with acrylic on canvas including a large, mural-size painting – the artist’s largest work made to date. Produced in the past year, these works are an ongoing exploration of the artist’s interest in color, forms found in nature, and the use of technology in creating an image.

Opening reception: November 19, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Layered Tones: A group exhibit curated by Charlotte Comer: Charles Coldewey, Kenn Kotara, Phil Litchtenhan, Chalda Malof, Nan Martin, Juan Alberto Negroni, Mary Tomás, Blair Vaughn-Gruler, Fred Villanueva and Larry Whitely

Opening reception: November 19, 5:30 - 8:30pm

The Trinity River Project

Trinity River Project will feature artifacts from both the written and participatory portions of the project and will include drawings, objects made of natural materials, water samples from the Trinity River, video, and recorded meditations.

Opening reception: November 19, 6:00-9:00pm

Paintings, Process, Materials, Texture…..: Eric Shaw, Anna Kunz, Heather Bause, Bradley Biancardi and Stephen D’ Onofrio

An exhibition focused on contemporary topics in painting: the importance of process in creating and

its integral role in the meaning of finished imagery; the materials that can be used to bridge painting with different mediums and often suggest another form or idea; the implementation of texture as an illusion of original material or subject matter.

Opening reception: November 19, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Pedacitos de Paz: Bernardo Vallarino

Featuring a large number of white commemorative ribbons piled beneath a desktop magnifying glass, this installation represents what Vallarino calls “any of those ephemeral actions that are incapable of real change.” Under the scrutiny of the magnifying glass, these supposedly symbolic ribbons are revealed to be devoid of any substance.

Paradise vs. Utopia: Disputed Ideals: Group exhibition - Sheryl Anaya, Rachael Banks, Dwayne Carter, Colette Copeland, Val Curry, Randall Garrett, Danielle Georgiou, Dennis Gonzalez, Randy Guthmiller, Thor Johnson, Rachel Muldez, Patrick Patterson-Carroll, Ryder Richards, David Sunshine, Marilyn Waligore, Montoya Williams, Carlo Zinzi

Opening reception: November 19, 7:00 - 10:00pm

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