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My New Obsession: Healthy and Delicious Dishes from FreshFin Poké Co

It's March in Dallas, which means swimsuit season starts next month but, like many, I'm too lazy to really do anything about it or switch to bland, healthy food. Lucky for us all, FreshFin Poké Co just opened on Greenville and I have found the perfect mix of healthy and delicious to happily welcome summer! On top of all that, everything is 100% Gluten Free and you can create your own Vegan friendly bowls! The menu is chef driven and inspired by Hawaiian cuisine, showcasing organic, fresh ingredients to blow you away.

Master chef & owner Joon Choe does all the work, a man with an impressive culinary resume already under his belt. A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America and a former apprentice at the famed NYC restaurant Jean Georges. Unexpected and delicious flavor combinations in the menu were inspired through a 2-month long culinary tour of Asia, creating Choe's unique 'Pacific Rim Poké'. I decided to take a step back and let the expert do the work for me, opting for 2 dishes from their menu, the Hawaiian OG and the Umami Classic.

The Hawaiian OG features Ahi Tuna, Green & Red Onion, Cucumber, Seasonal Radish, Ogo Seaweed, Maldon Salt, and Umami Shoyu. The Ahi Tuna tasted fresh, its flavor complemented by the crisp cucumber and seaweed. As an avid sushi lover, this was the step-up I've been waiting for. I could easily argue the quality & quantity of these bowls vs the rolls or sushi at other restaurants. Starting at 8.95 for a regular or 12.95 for a large, I was full after one regular bowl, but you can reach for the stars and pig out for the price of 2 rolls at any sushi place.

The Umami Classic features Yellowtail Hamachi, Scottish Salmon, Green & Red Onion, Avocado, Roe, Carrot, Furikake, Umami Shoyu, and Black Sesame Emulsion. I love Salmon and Yellowtail in anything, so its combination with the roe and avocado was amazing! I really can't choose a favorite between the two, both are delicious, and I'm looking forward to trying all of their delicious combinations soon!

It's sushi you can eat your way - one rich, fatty bite of fish, another with avocado and seaweed....the possibilities for an awesome dining experience are endless. For an elevated fast-casual stop, FreshFin is wonderfully chic and cozy, teetering on the brink of health-nut paradise and Instagram lovers' dream. Located right across from The Granada Theatre on Greenville, its open daily 11am-9pm (10pm Friday 7 Saturday).

Check out their website here and follow their amazing Instagram here (@eatFreshfin).

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