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Best Summer Beauty Products & Tips

Pool days, cookouts, and.....scorching weather. Summer is here, and I am here to share my must-have summer beauty products and tips with you! This is not a sponsored post, just my personal favorites to survive the 90+ degree weather we will be facing the next 3 months! If I missed anything, please let me know if you have some beauty products I should try.

A lofty title albeit an honest one, this Stila liquid eyeliner is pure magic. The fine marker tip allows you to have incredible precision while staying in place all day. As a bonus, it's waterproof so you can wear it confidently knowing you'll look fabulous even if your friends decide to throw you into a pool (from experience). It lasts forever and is an incredible bang for your buck. Buy it now and thank me later. Same story with the lipstick; it does not come off. Once it sets, you can only get it off with oil or vaseline. The Beso (true red) color is a classic that's flattering on every skin tone, and I wear it almost every time I go out.

lilah b. - all-natural ingredients hydrate & refresh

Not going to lie, the first thing that attracted me to lilah b. was the product design. Simple and sleek yet still natural, echoing perfect pebbles in a mountain stream. They had a minimalistic collection of colors and lots of multitasking products, my weakness! I really love this brand for summer because every product is enriched with natural moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, agar, and lavender oil. As a bonus, all of the products are vegan-friendly and free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and artificial preservatives. My favorite products are the Tinted Lip Balm in b. cheeky, which I use for lips and blush, and their magical Aglow Face Mist, which has been saving me all summer already. This is a new brand for me and I already love the product, the only downside is how heavy some of the larger products are (pros and cons of nice packaging & design)

Colleen Rothschild Face Oil No9 - Renewal & hydration to the max

Color me obsessed, this is by far the best face oil that I've found in years, especially for the summer heat and dry skin. A few drops go a long way, and it leaves skin smooth and soft without an oily residue. It says to apply at night for maximum renewal but I sleep on my face so I've started applying every to every other morning and the difference has been insane! Even if I skip a few days, my skin still feels softer and more hydrated than before, so it doesn't acclimate your skin to be dry if you don't use it. Dallas heat does not treat skin kindly, and this uses 9 oils to lock in moisture and leave you looking like you just left the spa. Your skin will thank you.

Castor oil - protect your eyelashes and promotes growth

Castor oil has been on almost every beauty list I've ever made for one reason; it works. Toss all the synthetic serums promising Kim K lashes and use a Q-tip to apply a small amount of the oil on your lashes every night before bed. After the constant abuse from mascara and makeup, this oil strengthens your lashes and promotes growth. The only downside is that you can't use this with lash extensions, but after using castor oil for a few months you won't be able to tell the difference. It doesn't matter where you buy it as long as it is 100% pure castor oil.

Give your face a break

Looking past all of the wonderful beauty solutions out there, it never hurts to just give your skin a break. You've heard this before, but just take a day and go sans makeup, or at least sans foundation and cover-up, drink lots of water, and relax. If there is ever a time to wean off concealer and foundation, it's summer. The heat opens up your pores and the last thing you need is product covering everything up. You'll always be beautiful with or without makeup, so embrace that and just take a break!

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