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Venezuelan Dallasite VENDALS Premiers First Fashion Collection August 12

Fashion blogger turned fashion designer, Vanessa Posner is thrilled to announce the release of three mini capsule collections introducing her new brand “VENDALS” to the Dallas this August. After growing her own fashion blog “The Red Role Society”, Posner made the decision to enter the industry as a designer. The 23-year-old girl boss wanted to create a society for all fashion people via online and her new mini collections. The idea behind the brand “VENDALS” comes from mixing “Ven” (Venezuela) and “Dals” (Dallas) to express Posner’s background originating from Venezuela and moving to the Big D. Each piece represents the different cultures, lifestyle and way of thinking in a complementing fashion. The three mini capsule collections will be shown for the first time to the public at a showcase in Deep Ellum on Saturday, August 12 from 5 to 8 p.m. at 2914 Taylor St., Dallas, Texas

“Specifically in our designs, you can find the Dallas woman, but also the woman who’s from Venezuela,” said Posner. “” She works in a fast paced environment, a woman who is on the go and a woman that is inspired by achieving her goals. My biggest inspiration is women from both cultures.”

The inspiration behind her designs goes back to the clashing of cultures to create something different, stylish, and very rich in culture. Choosing to design her own prints resulted in a unique array of products that adds edge to each piece while keep the simplicity of Dallas and Venezuela lifestyles. Her fashion icons also have a huge influence on the designs from designer Carolina Herrera to blogger Chiara Ferragni and magazine editor Anna Dello Russo.

“The designs are made for fearless, go-getting women who love fashion, but don’t also have the time to spend on deciding what outfits to wear,” said Posner. “VENDALS doesn’t have an age range; the brand is tailored for any woman who is enthusiastic about fashion.”

Growing up in Venezuela, Posner grew up in a huge culture for vanity. Her grandmother was a fashion designer known by the city, exposed her to an early life in the fashion industry. She went on to creating her first design at 10-years-old and decided to follow the path of becoming an entrepreneur. Attending art and dance schools helped her chose a path in the U.S. During her senior year in high school, she took a trip to Miami at the art institute. This became the ‘a-ha moment’ that led her down the path of fashion design.

After a few twists and turns, she decided to further her education locally at The Art Institute of Dallas to be close to family and what she loved. It was then there that Posner decided to go to New York for an internship going against every rule the school established to fight for what she wanted. After her internship in New York working side by side with Fashion Editor for Woman’s Day Magazine, Donna Lad, she created her fashion blog “The Red Role Society.” Instead of talking about what-to-wear, as many fashion bloggers do, Posner focused more on how to wear it going into detail about products, trends and styles from designing aspects of silhouettes, fits, alterations and more.

“I miss a lot back in Venezuela, such as the beaches and people,” said Posner. “However, one of the things I like about Dallas is the women. There are a lot of Venezuela aspects in them. They are fearless and classic, yet fashion forward in their own way. "

Vanessa Posner’s first mini-capsule collection from the “VENDALS” line is now available for pre-sale online. Click here for more information.

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