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Dallas Contemporary Premiers Trifecta of International Talent

As Dallas art institutions continues to rise in prominence on the international art stage, Dallas Contemporary premiered a trifecta of shows from world-renowned artists Mary Katrantzou, Enoc Perez, and Valerie Keane. Ranging from haute couture fashion, to architectural art, to mixed media, the new set of exhibitions at Dallas Contemporary explores and challenges the definition of 'art'. Always free to visit and often holding free tours and events, the DC is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11 am - 6 pm, and Sunday 12-5 pm. For more information, click here.

Mary Katrantzou is the Queen of Prints, and her 200+ item exhibition shows a colorful retrospective inside the mind of a fashion genius. Elegantly curated by color, each piece inspires awe at the pure imagination and craft necessary to create it. Katrantzou's work walks the line between fine art and wearable fashion, some pieces taking over a year to complete. Art aficionado or fashion lover, Mary, Queen of Prints is set to challenge what art and fashion mean to each viewer, and, how sometimes, they are one and the same.

Enoc Perez takes on the beloved (or hated) works of architect Philip Johnson in Dallas, Texas, creating paintings based on instantly recognizable buildings such as The Crescent, Beck House (which will have a tour in March), and Cathedral of Hope. Known for his large-scale architectural works, Perez creates multidimensional expressions of looking at the architecture itself using a series of unique painting methods resembling screenprints. In addition to his works at the Dallas Contemporary, Perez's works can also be seen in lobbies of many buildings around Dallas as part of the exhibition.

Mixed media artist Valerie Keane premiers a series of entrancing and immersive hanging sculptures, morphing from one form to another under dramatic lighting. The daughter of engineers, Keane uses laser cutting and drilling to transform acrylic, metal, and steel cables into delicate, and sometimes pulsating, forms which seek to augment reality. Each piece of hardware and metal draws the viewer in to inspect every detail and their relationship to the space surrounding them.

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