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Bullion Celebrates the French West Indies and Agricole Rhum Cocktails

Bullion loves to celebrate everything French. Now, every Monday, the Bar at Bullion will offer French West Indies Tiki Monday. The French West Indies is the home to Agricole Rhum and refers to the seven territories currently under French sovereignty in the Antilles islands of the Caribbean.

Where many mass-produced rums are heavy and a little one-note, Agricole Rhum is all about freshness and complexity. Many consider it to be the purest expression of rum—the best Agricole Rhum is both delicate and dynamic. Strictly controlled by the French government in the West Indies, it's made from locally grown sugarcane that is cut, ground, and pressed into fresh juice. The result is an intensely grassy, earthy spirit that's very different from the syrupy characteristics of many conventional white or dark rums made from molasses, the by-product of sugar production.

Although the official cocktail of Martinique is the Tí Punch, Bullion Beverage Director and Sommelier Andrew Schawel and his bartenders are offering some of their other favorite Agricole Rhum classics for French West Indies Tiki Monday.

  • Tí Punch

  • Rhum JM Blanc - $9

  • Niesson Blanc - $10

  • Niesson Eleve Sous Bois - $11

  • 1993 Rhum JM Vieux - $48

  • Other Agricole Classics

  • Planter Punch - $12

  • Agricole Daiquiri - $9

  • Green Swizzle - $12

  • Décollage - $9

"Agricole Rhum has an earthy taste that no other rum has. If you're wondering whether spirits can reflect terroir, Agricole Rhum certainly does,” said Andrew Schawel, Beverage Director and Sommelier, Bullion.

The entire Bullion cocktail program was developed by Schawel and Stephen Garcia, Lead Bartender, and is driven by extensive research on classic cocktails, what the origins are, where the cocktails originally came from, and who the original bartenders were. The historical legacy of each cocktail is noted on the menu.

Bullion also offers an entirely French wine list including a broad range of French wines and champagnes by the glass and by the bottle, a selection of domestic and international beers on tap and by the bottle as well as an extensive list of spirits.


No reservations are needed for the Bar or Lounge area, with service beginning at 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and 5:00 pm on Saturday.

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