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SMITH II Spring/Summer 19 Runway Presentation: HUMAN

Charles Smith II, Creative Director of SMITH II & Concept Line DO NOT TOUCH will be presenting in his 8th year as an emerging designer his 12th collection.

This collection is titled HUMAN, inspired by the current world climate and personal inner struggles with suicide and depression. Taking us on a journey with this presentation of inner battles, conflict process and the light at the end of the tunnel understanding that no matter how impenetrable you may think you are to everyday struggle we are all still just HUMAN and will have to eventually face it along our everyday emotional ups and downs.

Understanding that in the end there are people in our lives that will be sure to dedicate time to making sure you feel the love. Kill Suicide instead of killing ourselves.

The presentation will be held at the historical Scottish Rite Cathedral which is 110 years old built in 1908.

This presentation will be in partnership with Suicide & Crisis North Texas organization who's shared mission is to always be helping those in suicidal crisis and reminding them that there is hope in their future and that their lives do matter.

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