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Ok, not RETNA exactly. That is to say, the RETNA that has catapulted from graffiti to fine art with his signature text-based work is not in Dallas. Rather, the man behind the name, Marquis Duriel Lewis, is exhibiting a new style that strays from text and into vivid portraiture that you'll see at the Goss-Michael Foundation. This exhibition is the first of many art-focused experiences by Dallas-based art collective, Artinity, created by Max Trowbridge, Joyce Goss and Kenny Goss.

In the past the Los Angeles-based artist has found fame in his text-based graffiti works, fetching up to $180,000 for his works and working with Chanel, Nike, and Louis Vuitton. While RETNA's style resembles modern hieroglyphics, as you can see here covering the side of the Restoration Hardware store in New York, Lewis creates abstract expressionist pieces inspired by freedom and fluidity.

This dynamic exhibition, titled “Dovetail Mortises & La Peluca Grande”, is far removed from his linear text-based works, but Lewis is a story of juxtaposition. Not many would guess an artist operating 3 studios on Skid Row in LA would be working with luxury brands, or a creator of fine art enjoys tagging street signs. But the lines between high-end and street culture continue to blur as we move forward in the 21st century, and you can be sure to catch Lewis dancing around them for a long time to come.

If you don't get a chance to view Lewis's works at the Goss-Michael Foundation, fear not! In typical RETNA go big or go home fashion, the artist plans to leave a permanent mark on the city in the form of a massive mural on the back of Dallas Auction Gallery. When the work is completed, it will face Irving Boulevard on the Trinity Trail, so you'll be able to grab your sneakers and jog to get your daily dose of art.

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