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Don Carlo At The Dallas Opera

Another Verdi masterpiece is coming to Dallas for the first time since 1988! For fans of Verdi's other classics such as La Traviata or Falstaff, Don Carlo features thrilling music and searing drama; political intrigue and personal passions! Called the "Hamlet of Italian Opera," by the New York Times, Don Carlo will premier March 20th at 7:30pm and run three additional performances through March 28th. Tickets start at $19, and you can buy them here before they are all sold out!

Piqued your interest? Read on for more details!


By Giuseppe Verdi

Four Acts in Italian (1884, Milan Version)

Four Performances: March 20, 25 & 28, 2020 at 7:30 p.m.

March 22(m), 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

Father against son. Catholic against Protestant. Friend against friend.

If you are longing for thrilling music combined with searing drama, nobody does it better than Verdi. 

The terrors of the Spanish Inquisition are raging, and so are personal and political passions. France’s Princess Elizabeth is forced to marry Philip II, King of Spain, forsaking her beloved Don Carlo—the firebrand who turns out to be her husband’s own son! Add to the mix the terrifying Grand Inquisitor and the King’s duplicitous mistress, and the stage is set for an explosive mix of sex, politics, and religion.

With The Dallas Opera Orchestra and Chorus, and an international cast sharing the stage in this new opera-in-concert presentation, you may need to securely fasten your seatbelts.

Production Sponsors: Holly and Tom Mayer. Mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton appears as the Marnie and Kern Wildenthal Principal Artist. 

Art from the Meadows Museum Collections and special exhibitions. 


Conductor: Emmanuel Villaume

Director: Edward Berkeley

Costume Design: Constance Hoffman

Lighting Design: Krista Billings

Wig and Make-up Design: Dawn Rivard

Chorus Master: Alexander Rom


Leah Crocetto*: Elizabeth de Valois

Jamie Barton*: Princess Eboli

Robert Watson*: Don Carlo

Lucas Meachem: Rodrigo

Morris Robinson: King Philip II

Andrea Silvestrelli: The Grand Inquisitor

David Leigh: A Monk

Ewa Plonka*: Tebaldo

Ángel Vargas*: Count Lerma/Herald

Elizabeth Sutphen*: A Heavenly Voice 

* Dallas Opera debut


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