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Bella Cuba: The Best Cuban Cuisine in Miami

Dining at Bella Cuba in South Beach Miami is the equivalent of taking a plane to Havana and eating a traditional home-cooked Cuban meal. The restaurant is unassuming from the outside, but inside is a glimpse into Cuban culture. Family-owned and run, Bella Cuba hosts incredible ceviche, flavorful mojitos, and large portions. It's the next best thing to actually taking a plane to Cuba, right in the center of South Beach. It's unpretentious, personal, and warm, just as a Cuban home. I ate there 3 times in one week when I last visited Miami, and each time was better than the last. If you're new to Cuban cuisine, you'll know exactly what to try by the end of this article!

If you love ceviche, definitely get some fresh ceviche, I recommend 1 order per 2 people, because it will go fast! It's served with their house-made plantain chips over a bed of fresh veggies. This is the most satisfying snack after a day at the beach, perfectly tangy and chilled.

This is a heaven for meat-lovers, all of the entrees come with a generous portion of meat and 2 sides of your choice. Some of my favorite dishes included the Slow Roast Suckling Pig, Shredded Beef, Rado Encendido (Cuban Oxtail Stew), and Churrasco Steak.

The Slow Roast Suckling Pig was simply incredible. It's extremely juicy with the right hint of spiced to let the true flavor of the pork shine. A fairly heavy portion, the Plantain Chips and Fried Ripe Plantain are great sides to balance the dish.

The Shredded Beef includes traditional braised shredded beef strips in an aromatic spiced tomato and red wine sauce. This was certainly my personal favorite, full of flavor and texture. I recommend getting the Boiled or Fried Yuca in Garlic and the Black Bean Rice on the side for this dish.

The Cuban Oxtail Stew melts in your mouth, prepared by stewing the oxtail until the meat literally drips from the bone. A traditional Cuban dish, any of the sides would pair with it well, although the sweetness of the Fried Ripe Plantains enhances the overall dish.

The Churrasco Steak is extremely tender with a lovely Cuban twist in the Chimichurri Sauce. I highly recommend adding the butterfly prawns for the ultimate Cuban steak dish.

Leave room for dessert, their Traditional Cuban Flan is some of the best flan I've ever had! This classic dessert is available in traditional or mango flavors.


11am-5pm Mon-Fri

Happy hour

7 days a week, all cocktails, beers and glasses of wine are all $5 from 4pm-7pm


5pm-11pm daily

For more information on Bella Cuba, click here.

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